I went to Kansas City this weekend and listened to Dr. Lindsey Duncan speak at the KC convention center Friday night. I brought my wife and daughter with me to listen to him. I am very glad I did, as he broadened my mind tremendously. I will share some facts here, that he himself shared with us, that I think most anyone will find interesting.

1. The number one killer in the United States is the American Medical system.

2. Around 8 million people have been killed in the past decade by the American Medical system.That is more than all of the casualties in all of the wars that America has fought in in its entire history!

3. Over 7,000 people die each year because of sloppy handwriting by doctors.

4. Each year 7.5 million people have unnecessary medical and surgical procedures.

5. At least 106,000 people die each year from drug reactions.

6. You can fill up six jumbo jet planes full of people who die EVERYDAY due to medical errors. That is each and everyday!!!

7. Sugar in Soda Pop is the number one source of calories in the United States.

8. Did you know if you submerge a steak in Coke, it will eat it up? Think about what that does to the inside of your body!!

9. Everyone has heard of skin cancer and to stay out of the sun right? Did you know that around 50,000 people each year die because they don’t get enough Sun?

10. The mortality rate of people between the ages of 45 and 64 that took their prescription medicines correctly rose 90% in five years.

Quite frankly I find that these facts are astonishing. Anyone can make mistakes, and that is the point here….people make mistakes. I am sure the number of lives saved are ten fold at least of these numbers. However, it doesn’t point away from these facts that the majority of Americans do not even know about.

While I am on this subject, I want to also point out another fact that I recently became aware of. Did you know that America has raised the acceptable levels of radiation recently? Did you know that Hillary Clinton recently signed a pact with Japan to guarantee that America will continue to buy Japanese seafood, even though no one tests them for radiation? To me that is just crazy and shows that our government does not care about our health!

It is up to you to arm yourself with knowledge to be healthy! No one is going to do it for you! I welcome thoughts, opinions and questions to anyone willing reply!! Thank you for reading and enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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