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Goji effects!

A good friend of mine found this link on youtube about one of our superfruits, the Goji berry:

I've had a migraine/headache for 6 days straig...

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I have seen a few posts concerning Migraines on here today, and have been doing research from my point of view. I have had very bad migraines in the past myself after my neck surgery. Thank goodness I haven’t had one since last summer. I have “triggers” when I have one coming on. If you suffer from migraines, I am sure you know what I am talking about. If I have one coming on, depending on how severe, I see “auras”. If it isn’t a severe one, I usually get a blurry spot in my vision lasting around 30-45 minutes. If it is a bigger migraine coming on, I would see the auras, usually with colors like purple in splotches. If it is severe I get tunnel vision.

The first time I had tunnel vision, it really scared me. I thought I was having a stroke. I had my wife call an ambulance, and when they arrived and took my blood pressure, it was through the roof. Of course I was just freaking out and they stayed with me until it went away and I got the migraine which lasted for days. If it gets that bad, all I want to do is stay in a dark room laying down with a warm washcloth on my head and try to sleep. Anyways, I feel for anyone who has to suffer through a Migraine.

Here are some tips I have looked up that will help:

- Avoid alcohol and smoke

- Eat less salt and red meats

- Eat small meals with nutrient rich foods

- Don’t skip meals

- Be gluten free

- Drink plenty of water…at least 8 cups per day

- Try to do Moderate exercise 30 minutes a day at least 5 times a week

If you are interested in Genesis Pure products, I would suggest Coral Calcium(calcium,magnesium,helps calm the nervous system), Nutrition(over 290 vitamins including B vitamins..very important for your nervous system), Go-yin(superfruits to balance your bodies ph), Cell Water(can help get more oxygen to your brain), and Goji juice(superfruit that enhances your immune system and blood).

You can also check on these herbs: Feverfew, Lecithin, Ginko Bilboa, Cordyceps, and listen to soft music!

These are all suggestions for you to look into if you would like. I have provided this information so people can learn more and research about their problems and broaden their knowledge. I am not an expert by any means! I myself take GP, and try to do as much as possible of my recommendations. If anything that I have provided helps, feel free to let me know! Good luck!

Feel the Pain

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I have talked earlier about the problems I had with my back and neck. The pain, dealing with depression, anxiety, high blood pressure. I have now been on Genesis Pure products for almost 5 months. I have quit taking all pain medicines. I do not take nexium anymore for heartburn. I quit taking high blood pressure medicine. I used to run in the range of 150+/90 while ON my medicine. I went to the doctor a few weeks back, and my blood pressure was 125/80. Pretty good for me especially without taking any medicine since November. I think alot has to do with my pain level being down, and I am eating healthier.

I quit drinking sodas except for a sprite every once in awhile. I used to drink Coke all the time. I would probably drink 6-8 Cokes a day. I drink water, tea, and hydration(Genesis Pure product) now instead. I have also tried to take out fast food, fried foods, salt, etc. as much as I can. I have been eating more chicken and I will start eating more fish. I am currently looking into healthy fish to eat. My friend told me that ocean type of fish is healthier and better for you than farm raised or fresh water fish. He told me to make sure that I find something that is a product of the United States. I will get into more details on this later.

It is winter time in Missouri right now. I usually feel horrible during the winter time and dread it every year. Having 3 fusions in my spine along with disk degeneration and numbness makes me feel very bad when it is cold or when it rains. I am sure anyone with surgery or arthritis, will tell you the same thing! I am sure many people have heard that “the old timers can tell you when a storm is coming”. Well, it is true that anyone with arthritis or any like problems can tell when a storm is coming in. It is something in the atmosphere. Even night time is worse than the daytime for some reason.

I mentioned all of the paragraph above because that is how I used to feel. I do still feel some pain and discomfort. Not all of my pain is gone. I no longer have any burning down my right leg into my foot or in my hip. I would rate my pain level at a 2 on a scale from one to 10 during a good day, and a 3 on a bad day now. Before taking Genesis Pure products, I would always tell my doctors a good day was a 5 and a bad day would get up to an 8. My wife says I have a very high tolerance for pain. Perhaps she is right.

The products I use are behind the philosophy of “Cleanse, balance, build”. I take the liquid cleanse every day, followed by Go-yin and the Nutrition. I cleanse my body with the liquid cleanse, balance it with Go-yin, and build it up with Nutrition. I will start to talk about these products in detail in the future. I also take “e2″ as needed which is an energy booster filled with amino acids when needed. I take Mangosteen which is a great anti-inflammatory. We also have an 8 hour energy product I take as needed. Metabolic boost is what Dr. Duncan calls “discipline in a bottle”, and I believe it is what helps with my cravings for soda and sugar.I also take “hydration”, which has 11 times the electrolytes that Gatorade does with very little sugar to boot!

Much more to come!

Here is a 5 minute video I found on youtube about Dr. Duncan. Please check it out!

There is so much to say about Dr. Duncan. He has over 28 years of clinical experience, is one if not the best naturopathic doctors in the world, he is also a celebrity nutritionist whose clientele include Sharon Stone, Demi Moore, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tony Dorsett, Reggie Bush to name a few. He has also treated past presidents in the White House. He has also helped many clients suffering from the Chernobyl disaster in  Russia.He has been on numerous television shows such as The View, Doctor Oz, The Today Show, and featured in many magazines. Just do a search on Dr. Duncan and find out for yourself!

Tonight, we had a Genesis Pure meeting in Springfield, Mo., and I talked with a lady that shared her testimony about Genesis Pure.  Her story was very amazing to me, so I will share some of it here. She told of how she had found a lump in her breast and went to the doctor. After doing bloodwork, her doctor told her in 35 years of medicine, she had the worst bloodwork of anyone he had ever seen. She was diagnosed with cancer, and he suggested she start chemo right away. He gave her two years to live max. She told herself that she wasn’t taking that for an answer, and started researching online. She eventually found Dr. Duncan while doing her research. She went to one of his clinics at the time and he put her on a diet, including some of the products that we offer today. “Cleanse, balance, build”. She went back to her doctor a few months later and her bloodwork had improved. He asked what she was doing and she told him, and he still told her she needed chemo, etc. To make a long story short, she stayed on the products, stuck to her diet, had a good open mind and her body healed herself. She said she has been totally cancer free for over 5 years!

I could go on and on about testimonies I have heard while going to meetings. This is the most exceptional one that I have heard. She was seeing Dr. Duncan quite a few years before he created Genesis Pure. I have heard many people getting off of heartburn medication, depression medicine, high blood pressure, help with diabetes, fibermyalgia, skin diseases, even hair regrowth. None of these people will tell you that one certain product is a result of these testimonies. It is the system that works. Cleanse the body, balance the body, and build the body back up with good nutrition!

Dr. Duncan will be in Kansas City, Mo., on Feb. 17-18. I plan on attending his conference. I am very excited to meet him!

Last year, I was introduced to Genesis Pure by a friend of mine. Little did I know at the time, but it was the beginning of the start of something great for me. When I was told about Genesis Pure, there was a name I had become familiar with, Dr. Lindsey Duncan.

I jumped in Genesis Pure with both feet. I knew Dr. Duncans reputation and was very amazed he had products on the market. I learned of his philosophy which is to “Cleanse the body, balance the body, and build the body back up with good nutrition”.  I started with his “Core” products and my friend also suggested I try Mangosteen.

My first order came in and I started the products the same day. I had “liquid cleanse”, Go-Yin(which is a PH balancer), and Nutrition(a liquid multivitamin). I also took the Mangosteen.

After a week of taking these products, my pain was 90% gone. I was amazed and still am today. I would like to add that I was always in pain….24/7 365 days a year. Always a dull pain in my back, neck, shoulders, elbows, head, and even my jaws(from clenching them all the time). I will talk about each of these products in detail in future posts. I have since studied them and know quite a bit about them. Ever since those days last year I believe these products will help anyone with a huge variety of ailments. I also found that there is no “magic bullet” or one thing in general that will help people. These products are a system and are meant to be used together.

I am living proof of Genesis Pure, and I share my testimony with anyone who is willing to listen.

I am currently an Independent Business Owner for a company called Genesis Pure. I have provided a link to my personal website in my “about” section above if anyone is curious about looking it over. I will explain a little bit here about what Genesis Pure is…it is a health and supplement company founded by Dr. Lindsey Duncan. Our president is Darren Hogge. I will be talking alot about this company, why I believe in it and its products, and of course how they affect me and the people that I personally know who take them and any other information that I believe is relevant to health in general.

We are a 3 year old company backed by Genesis Today which is a company that has been around for 20+ years. Dr. Duncan also owns Genesis Today. You can find Genesis Today products in places such as Wal-mart, Wal-greens, Sam’s Clubs, etc. We are the direct sales arm of Genesis Today and deal in supplements, superfruits, weight loss, energy drinks, and sports products. Genesis Today deals in food products such as juices, applesauce, etc.

Our products are all natural, and wild crafted…which is the largest growing niche of health and wellness in the world today. We are on the Inc. 500 list, totally debt free, and have over a billion dollars of equity.  I truly believe our products are top notch, top of the line, great for you, and personally it has helped me want to learn how to become healthier!


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